Our Story: Back in Time...

It’s 1972. President Nixon makes an unprecedented, 8 day visit to Communist China; the Dallas Cowboys defeat the Miami Dolphins 24-3 in Superbowl VI; M*A*S*H challenges America’s perception of war through comedy; Led Zeppelin pounded out Black Dog at the Forum in Los Angeles; PONG brought sci-fi entertainment into the living rooms of suburbia, and in Metairie, Louisiana, a 13 year old boy in bell-bottom Levis, parks his Schwinn, and walks into a place called The Fun Arcade…

Bells and chimes strike my ears, lights flash before my eyes, they are the sights and sounds of the harmonious chaos of my youth. Visions of The Who singing Pinball Wizard swirl through my head! (What boy didn’t want to be Roger Daltry?) I hand the man with the coin dispenser 5 dimes, with two clicks, he hands me two shiny quarters, the keys to a whole new world that would become my home-away-from-home, I had found my place. 

Yes, I had entered the realm of electro-mechanical Pinball machines, Pac Man and Galaga, I have not lost my love for it yet. I am now an Official Pinball Wheezer, but my heart will forever remain a Wizard.

About Us:

Pinball Wheezer is a purveyor of all things retro-cool. From our sweet Pinball Science T-shirt series to Diner coffee mugs, jewelry, and tube socks, we are old-school and proud of it!

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